5 practices to adopt for digital marketing success in 2019

5 practices to adopt for digital marketing success in 2019

  • January 23, 2019

2019 has begun and we want you to start the year right. We’ve already talked about the 5 myths you need to dispel in 2019 and our trend predictions for the year to come. This post will take you through 5 practices you should adopt for digital marketing success in 2019: lead generation, split testing, omnichannel marketing, blogging, and local SEO. What are these? We explain.

1 – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of these words you hear from time to time without referring to anything you know, unless you have a sales/marketing background. The first obvious question: what is a lead? It’s a potential customer who has given you personal information (name, email, phone number etc). With that data, you can conduct email marketing, retargeting, referral and seasonal promotion to convert them from audience to customer.

2 – Split Testing

Also called A/B testing, it is the practice of trying out different versions of one creative or campaign parameter (email, headline, page, call-to-action, audience…) to see which one delivers the best results. Continuously testing your campaigns and dismissing the least performing creatives will leave you with nothing but winning content.

3 – Omnichannel marketing

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your customers are shopping in stores and browsing online at the same time. They’re trying your products in store and buying them from Hicart, Libazon, Ali Express, Souq.com and soon, from the dozens of other e-shops opening in 2019. At the very least, they’re browsing your instagram account. How integrated is your online/offline strategy? Can someone try something in store and buy later online? Do your salespeople know the customer’s history? If not, you should start an omnichannel strategy integrates your offline and online activities for the ultimate user experience.

4 – Blogging

It’s 2019. Get it together and start your blog already! Or a YouTube channel, make infographics or a podcast, anything your audience might get value out of and that can help them discover you. If you’d like to know more, drop us  line! 5 – Local SEO

If you have any brick-and-mortar business and are not working on your local SEO, you’re missing out. Big time. Local SEO is a set of practices that help physical businesses show on top of results pages, with location, opening hours, reviews and more details visibly featured. This is a must-have for any restaurant, clothing store, bank, and any business base on a physical location.


Head over to our YouTube channel to better understand how you can use these practices to increase your revenues. Start 2019 right!