Social media is free and 4 other myths to dispel in 2019

  • December 17, 2018

As 2018 comes to and end, we believe it is our duty to put an end to some misconceptions. That way, you can start 2019 fresh, with a bunch of ideas to put to rest and another bunch to put into action. Shall we?

1 – Social media is free

It used to be true. A few years ago, we’d open a Facebook page and Instagram account, then start publishing right away, and people would see it all. Today, if you don’t pay, you don’t play. The trick is that you can create pages and post for free, but Facebook won’t show your posts unless you put money in their pocket. I say Facebook because it’s the most popular in Lebanon, but you can apply that to virtually any social network or online platform. You now have to consider these as regular media platforms: you pay, they distribute your content. You don’t pay, enjoy your employees’ and your aunt’s likes and shares.

2 – I can run campaigns on and off

No offers or campaign? No ads. That used to be an efficient way to work. Here’s why this is bound to fail online: if your customers aren’t hearing from you, they’re most probably hearing from your competition. That’s an issue, and one of the very few ways to deal with it is to campaign non-stop. Now of course, campaigning in the online world can mean using email, Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and Search ads, or and influencer campaign, or even a YouTube ad run, if that’s where your target spends their time. But you can’t be silent anymore. It’s a bigger budget than you though? No doubt. Do you have a choice? Not really. If you still have doubts, kindly read point 1 again.

3 – My brand will be online because I have to

Your brand doesn’t have to be online, it has to be close to your customers.

Your brand doesn’t have to be online, it is beneficial for it to be there.

Your brand doesn’t have to be online, but it’s the best way to have two-way conversation with customers.

The list could go on for pages, but you get the point. It’s time to stop seeing online activity as a fruitless obligation and start seeing it as a huge opportunity for your brand to be closer to its customers, open a two-way conversation, gather data, personalize marketing, and a lot more. It’s also worth looking deeper into the way others are succeeding with the new and more advanced tools that social media platforms are rolling out every few months.

4 – Digital Marketing has nothing to do with sales

Marketing, once disconnected from sales, becomes a gigantic cost. When the two work with and for each other, marketing becomes a real profit center. So how do you do that? This is a topic we could go very deep into – something we’re doing in our sales and marketing video series – but here are some guidelines

-Align marketing KPIs with sales objectives (for instance, your marketing department should generate a certain number of leads/month for your sales team to take over)

-Have the two departments sit together. If not permanently, at least once a month just to share insights and challenges

-Consider digital marketing as part of a broader experience, not a separate silo in your portfolio of interactions with your clients

5 – It’s OK, we can do SEO later

Search engine optimization can be an excellent source of quality traffic, but you have to do it right. But where to start? And why should you start now rather than later? Because there is no way around it. Not only is good SEO an asset, bad SEO can quickly become a liability. From ranking low on search engine results pages to getting blacklisted altogether, the range of consequences is broad. But get started soon, as the results will inevitably take time to show (6 months and up).


These are only 5 myths to dispel in 2019, but remember, there are many more! We will continue to bring you insights and knowledge about digital marketing, how you can get value from it, and how you can make it work for your sales.