SEO 2 – Why you need a blog

  • October 3, 2018

When it comes to Digital marketing your website – and more specifically your blog –  has a lot more superpowers than you think it does.

For instance, a blog helps you publish relevant and fresh content regularly which tell Google you are up to date. That means you will rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

Once you have users roaming your website and coming back for more content, you can start turning these visitors into leads, meaning they will go from anonymous website readers to people identified with either their phone number of their email. But how do they give up that information?

You have to have a lead magnet in place. Offers, ebooks, webinars, all of those are great incentives for your users visiting your website to give you email, phone number, name, location, gender, and more. Once that information is available to you, you can first of all personalize the content, and second, contact these people to turn them into customers, but for that you need a process. This process can include remarketing, cold calling, or cold emailing.

So next time you think of your blog, don’t think of it as just a content machine, but also as a lead magnet and a potential sales source.

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